9 Peculiarities of Windows Phone 8

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In this article you will read about some useful functions of Windows Phone 8, which are not available in Windows Phone 7.8 and it is not so easy to find them at once. If you still don’t know about them this article will appreciably widen the functional of your smart phone.

Call reset by sending a message

If you can’t answer because some reason to the incoming call you can quickly send one of four ready messages. On the screen during call you will see three buttons “answer”, “reset” and “text reply”. System will make all work for you. In order to change settings go to “settings” then pass to the left choose “phone” and then “edit answers”. You can put any text you like.

Changing titles of e-mail boxes

Nowadays people can use not one e-mail box. In WP 8 you can install many new accounts. To keep them in order you can give any title to your boxes. For this just choose “settings”- “mail+accounts”, then choose account you need and open its parameters. Then you can put any title you like.

Test Brain Concentration with Brain Breaker

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A game called Brain Breaker game show to test the concentration of the brain. This game inspired concentration game that asks players to move left and right hands are different, for example the left hand back and forth while the right hand pat.

In this game, players will be prompted finger to follow the instructions on the screen. For example, the left finger touches the screen up and down, then tapping the right index finger repeatedly. Meanwhile, in the middle of the screen will display the text that interfere with concentration.

Still not challenging enough? After a certain time, the instruction will be changed so that the right hand should move up and down and left to be tapped.

10 Online Photography courses to Master

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Here is a list of websites that will teach you how to take better photographs. They are all websites that offer a nest of information on photography. Some of them work to teach you little snippets at a time, and others have full courses you can take. Some are free and some are not.

1. Strobist 

This is actually a blog where people show off their photographs and how they were taken is discussed. It goes through things such as how to light difficult areas and even goes on about how to light your pets as oppose to how you light people and such. It is quite informative and being able to see other people’s efforts and learn how they did it makes learning just that little bit easier.

2. PhotographyCourse.net 

This is a website that caters for all levels of photographic skill. If you have the time and equipment then you may learn how to take photos in a more advanced manner. The more advanced you become then the higher up the learning food chain you may rise in order to learn some great new stuff that only the professionals know.

Samsung NX Mini, Mini Camera With Many Features

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Not long ago, Samsung has presented its latest mini camera device design titled Samsung NX Mini Smart. Claimed as the world's slimmest camera with a thickness of only 23mm and a weight of 160 gram range.

This mini camera Samsung has the ability to output interchaengeble lens (lenses that can be replaced / exchanged), NX Mini is designed for those who like to do a photo selfie.

Although present in the mini display, mini NX equipped with a variety of features that qualified as a 3-inch touch screen with a resolution of 320x480 which is equipped with the ability to flip through 180 degrees which can accommodate the needs of users in making selfie photos.

Things to Consider Before Buying a DSLR Camera

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World Photography in the world is now growing with the increase in the world of photography enthusiasts. many various types of disposable cameras in the professional and amateur photographers. One is kind of a DSLR camera.

This DSLR camera is much favored by lovers of photography in the World. Camera system which has a large sensor larger than a pocket camera / phone, have manual and automatic functions is one of the best selling products in the World. However, it seems you need to consider several things before buying a DSLR camera.
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