Making Animation By Using Adobe Flash - Shape Tween

In This Article Rujacksalad posts about "Making Animation By Using Rujacksalad - Shape Tween"

Shape Tween is a technique to change an object 1 become object 2, for example, the box turns into a circle. Basically this technique same like Frame by Frame (you can read the tutorial Frame By Frame on this link) and the Motion Tween (you can read the tutorial at this link Motion Tween).

Okay, Let's Get Started To Start Making Shape Tween Animation. And InThis Tutorial I use Adobe Flash CS3. Here we go:

1. As usually using Flash and choose the option presented. Just select "Flash Lite (Action Script 3.0) to start the Adobe Flash.

Creating New FIle On Adobe Flash

2. Create a simple object like a box by clicking on the Rectangle Tool or press "R" on the keyboard.

Rectangle Tool On Adobe Flash

3. Create a box on a worksheet as shown below

Rectangle Tool On Adobe Flash

4. Look at the Timeline Bar, then right click on the "frame 2" choose "Insert Keyframe"

Insert Keyframe On Adobe Flash

5. Then remove the object with the "Eraser Tool" or press "E" on the keyboard.

Eraser Tool On Adobe FLash

6. Now you can remove the box, delete it until the box is gone.

Removing The Object So It Can Be Dissapeared

7. Or you can remove the box by clicking the "Selection Tool" or pressng the "V" on the keyboard and block the box and press "Del" on the keyboard. Yes, the box disappears quickly.

Selection Tool For Select The Object

8. If the box is gone and then click the "Oval Tool" on the toolbar or pressing "O" on the keyboard.

Oval Tool On Adobe Flash

9. Make a circle on the left side of the Worksheet.

Making Circle On Adobe Flash

10. Back again on the Timeline Bar, right click on "Frame 15" and then select "Create Shape Tween".

Creating Shape Tween On Adobe Flash

11. Simple animation is complete. Now we just look at the result of the animation that has been created. See Menu Bar > Search and Select "Control" > Play or pressing "Enter" on the keyboard.

Playing The Animation On Adobe Flash

That simple animations that can be created using Adobe Flash, I Hope You Enjoy For This Tutorial : ).

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