16 Blogging Ideas to Avoid Complete & Utter Failure

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A WordPress blog can help you build an audience and market your business to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. But the majority of blogs started every year end up failing… Here are 16 ideas to help your blog survive 2013.

Don’t Neglect SEO

Remember that search engines take their time to find and rank the best content online. Our job is to make sure they know what our content is about by using the right keywords in our titles, descriptions, and meta tags.

Self-hosted website

Don’t build your following on another person’s platform. You don’t own blogspot, Tumblr, or Typeland so your business will always depend on the rules those sites set.

Repeat what works

There will always be a proven set of tactics or methods that will always work. We tend to ignore these things because, “it’s been done” – but if it works, you should focus on doing more of it.

Be Consistent

Whether you keep the editorial calendar or not, it’s important to continue to publish content on your blog because that consistency brings in more traffic.

Have a Business Model

Are you selling information products? Are you getting people on your email list to sell them tools and software as an affiliate? How is your blog going to make you more money in 2013? Make that your focus next year.

Create Epic Content

The internet doesn’t work without content. Whether that’s in text format, audio or video, it doesn’t matter. You just worry about getting your message out there and bringing value to people that need it.

Go above & beyond

Look around at what the other bloggers or content producers are doing in your niche and Do Something Better for your audience.

Web design is critical

New visitors see your design first, even before reading the first blog post. If they decide to leave because the design was hideous, then your content never had a chance.

Usability is key

Keep your site as clean as possible. Don’t fill your sidebar with useless plugins and widgets that don’t bring your real business results.

Find your voice

There’s a fundamental difference between blogging and the way textbooks, novels and magazines are written. You see, textbooks are written to give you information. Bloggers write to communicate a message.

Don’t give up

The best way to stay motivated is ignore what everyone else is going and focus on yourself. Focus on your business. Focus on what you’re doing and don’t compare yourself to others.

Know when to quit

However… you got to know when to call it quits. If you’ve been working really hard on a project, or a site that doesn’t seem to be working or going anywhere, then let it go and move on to something else.

Build an email list

I’ve said once and I will say it a thousand times. If you’re not building an email list of people interested in what you have to offer, you’re wasting your time.

Use multimedia

The idea behind using multimedia content is to attract a brand new audience that you wouldn’t otherwise, just writing text articles.

Be social

The more practical, useful and valuable your content is, the more people will click the share button and spread your message with their network.
Have fun with it

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun with the process and enjoy every minute as you grow your audience and build your business. Not everything is fun to do, but you can always outsource that later.

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