4 Apps For Being Lazy Yet Efficient

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Sometimes after a long day at work, I just want to go home and do absolutely nothing. I can’t always do this, because there is always something that needs to be done, even if it’s just eating dinner. Thankfully there are a billion apps that I can use to still get things done efficiently without actually doing anything.

1. Music

On the way home today, I was flipping through the radio and came across a really awesome song I had never heard before. The song had already started and after hearing about 30 seconds of the song, I was just dying to know just who it was and who it was written by, so I pulled out my trusty iPhone and opened up the Shazam app. 15 seconds later Shazam told me the name of the song, who the song was written by, what album I could find the song on, and even provided a link to Itunes so I could buy the song instantly. Another great feature of Shazam is I don’t actually have to remember any of this because all this information is saved in my history. It’s really the easiest app for keeping track of any new songs or artist I may come across while I am out and about.

2. Food

I love cooking… but not all the time. There are times when it is nice to have someone else cook for me, and when that happens, there are at least a dozen go to apps depending on what I have a craving for. If it’s pizza, dominos or pizza hut it is; or if I’m not actually sure what I want there are apps available that search for restaurants in my location. I am even able to place reservations at the click of a button (or tap of a screen rather) depending on if I’d like something a little better than fast food. Nothing is more convenient than a good food app when I get a bad case of the noms!

3. Language

In today’s time, it is becoming more and more critical to learn a 2nd language, but with programs like Rosetta Stone costing over $400, it can seem nearly impossible; plus you’ll need a computer to install discs. That’s crazy talk! With so many apps available, I honestly cannot remember the last time I’ve had to use an installation disk. There are also great apps for learning other languages such as Duolingo. Duolingo is free, and I have been using it to learn German. You can even use your face book or twitter accounts to compare your progress to others who use the app as well. I will admit, Rosetta Stone is a little more expansive, but as far as basics go, $400 compared to free seems like a no brainer no me.

4. Security

Ten years ago, or even five years ago, the idea that you would be able to lock and unlock your front door via wifi would seem impossible and ridiculous.  Today, with the technology we have, it is possible to do that and even control your entire home alarm monitoring system without even having to be at home. Companies like kyle home security systems can send status updates and notifications directly to your smart phone so you are able to deal with any situation that may occur while you are away, or just too lazy to get up and make sure your doors are locked after you’ve gotten nice and comfy on the couch.

There are many useful apps depending on what situation can come up, or just to avoid doing more work. I think it is important to stay active, but these are the apps I go to for those times when I need to relax.

About The Author:  is a writer for Smith Monitoring. He is an avid gamer, movie buff, musician, and comic collector

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